What Is A Good Brand Of Washer To Buy?

What Is A Good Brand Of Washer To BuyHalifax | Dartmouth | Bedford

Choosing the right washer is extremely important and this kind of investment should never be taken lightly. There are a number of factors that will come into play when the time comes to decide between various brands. It’s also no secret that we all have a favourite brands as well as certain brands that we don’t feel comfortable with at all. For instance, if you’ve had a bad experience with a particular brand (no matter the type of appliance) it can make you extremely weary of that brand in the future. When choosing the right washer brand for you, here are a few of the top options.


This brand has come a long way over the years and they really have started to produce some of the most reliable and aesthetically appealing home appliances. Their sleek designs match their impressive performance to provide overall satisfaction. While choosing this brand might be easy for some, it might not be as easy choosing between the various models. The LG SIGNATURE WM9500HKA, for example, is not the cheapest but it does have WiFi capabilities and can be monitored and control from your smartphone. For anyone leading a busy life, this feature can prove indispensable.

If you are looking for a top loader, LG is also known for producing some of the most affordable models. Top loaders, however, are not always as water-efficient as front loaders. In addition, a top loader tends to be a bit harsher which means that you may not find it suitable for delicate items. That said, they perform very well and leave your laundry beautifully clean so choosing between front and top loaders is mostly about personal preference.


Samsung is one of the giants in the appliance industry and for good reason. Not only have they focused on producing quality appliances, but they are always pushing the bar and starting new trends. This brand also has washers that have the greatest capacities. This makes them an excellent choice if you like to wash your duvets, large blankets and even your curtains rather than having to take them in for a professional clean.

Samsung has gained an impressive reputation over its many years in business. This includes a reputation of reliability and quality. The sleek design is the cherry on top and one of the reasons why their appliance attracts so much attention from the get-go. When you choose Samsung, you can be sure that your appliance will never be an eyesore.


While some other brands may have overtaken Whirlpool in a few aspects, this has not had a serious effect on the popularity of the brand. For the most part, those who choose Whirlpool washers are looking for reasonable quality and affordability. Whirlpool is known for producing highly affordable appliances and they have several models that are excellent in the energy efficiency department. Some of their washer models might not be as impressive to look at but, if budget is your bottom line, this is certainly a brand worth considering. If reliability is your main concern, you will also be happy to know that Whirlpool is right up there along with LG and Samsung in this aspect. Provided you use your washer as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and you avoid things like overloading, you will get plenty of use out of your Whirlpool washer.

As you can see, each brand has something different to offer. It is important to note that every brand, not just the three mentioned above, has a wide range of products. Each brand produces a variety of washers that cater to various markets. While Samsung might be known for having a higher price tag, its appliances vary in price in order to accommodate different financial needs. As far as maintenance and repairs are concerned, remember to always contact a trained and experienced technician anytime you need washer repairs.

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