Washer Repair: Maytag Washer Flashes Error Code RL during ‘Clean Washer Cycle’

Maytag Washer Flashes Error CodeNew household appliances can take time to get used to. This is particularly true for your washer. Washers are used regularly at home and have to bear the brunt work. Therefore, it is not uncommon for you to see error codes on your washer from time to time. No matter how reputable the brand is, sometimes your appliance is going to experience an issue or two, and this is true of Maytag washers.

Your first resort is checking the product manual. Maytag classifies a rL or f34 error as “Items were detected in the washer during the Clean Washer cycle.” The manual also states that this issue can be fixed by removing the article of clothing from the washer and restarting the clean washer cycle.

What is a Clean Washer Cycle?

Some washers like Maytag come with a clean washer cycle feature which is designed to be run every few weeks to clean the washer of any dirt and dust remnants. To run the cycle you need to remove any clothing items. When the washer cylinder is empty, place the cleaning tablet at the bottom of the washner and not in the detergent compartment. Close the lid and then start the process by selecting the ‘Clean Washer’ cycle.

The cycle will begin automatically one you hold the start button for 3 seconds. To ensure that the washer cycle is completed thoroughly, do not interrupt the machine by opening the lid or pressing pause. If the cycle has stopped you can rinse the washer with the rinse & spin option to clean.

While this process is standard, you might face some issues like the machine throwing up the rL or f34 error code. This usually happens when the washer senses that there is some friction between the basket and the outer tub. If you have ensured that the washer is still empty and the error RL code issue still persists on your Maytag washer, we suggest you to call the support number provided on your user manual.

The underlying problem could be a faulty control board, which is sensing that an item of clothing might be stuck between the inner spin basket and the outer tub. Hence, the RL error code. If the machine is still under warranty, Maytag customer service can help get this fixed washer repair.

If not, we are happy to take a look at your washer and offer an accurate diagnosis. We recommended not opting for DIY fixes as this may alleviate the problem.

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