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Why The Stove Can’t Maintain Temperature

The stove is defined by a variety of different components and demands. If even one thing running or connected to your stove is damaged or broken, you may find that your stove can’t maintain temperature. This can result in overcooking or undercooking your food. No one wants to waste time, money, or energy. You certainly don’t want to get sick from something that needed to reach a certain internal temperature. What are you going to do?

MAAR24 Appliance Repair will figure out exactly why your stove has become unreliable. Our experience can cover any possibility, from heating elements, to other essential components. We offer the most efficient and affordable way to get your oven back to reliability.

The Heating Element Has Broken

For most stoves, the preheating cycle takes approximately ten minutes to get going. If this much time and more passes, the heating element might be broken. This is one of the most common reasons for a stove failing to maintain temperature.

Broken may not be the right word. However, if your temperature has become unreliable, the odds are considerable that the heating element is on the verge of completely breaking. At the same time, it could just as easily be a loose connection.

The Thermostat Has Broken

The thermostat is unquestionably one of the most important pieces of your stove. It regulates temperature, ensuring everything you cook comes out exactly as it should. One of the first things we will check is to see if the oven switch on your control panel is no longer functional. This is just one of many possibilities. More often than not, if this is the cause, the sensor bulb has become defective stove repair.

The Electrical Connection Is Broken

In the event that both your thermostat and heating elements are just fine, the most probable culprit is going to be some sort of issue with the electrical connection. As you may have guessed, a consistent electrical connection will mark the difference between something that is cooked properly, and something that comes out unevenly.


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