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Can’t Adjust Heat On Stove?

Your electric stove utilizes electrical resistance to operate correctly. Such resistance allows the burners to heat up on your stove as they are designed to do. If you can’t adjust heat on stove, then the problem is going to ultimately come down to something interfering with this resistance. There are a number of potential causes, and getting to the bottom of things can prove to be very frustrating indeed.

We can help at MAAR24 Appliance Repair. Our experience and professionalism can cut through the different reasons why the heat on the stove has become unpredictable. We figure out exactly what’s wrong, which rarely means having to replace the stove entirely stove repair. Before you make any rash decisions, contact us first!

Is It An Electrical Short?

Your power source receptacle is one example of the many different parts that define your stove. Over the years, a combination of moisture and grease can conspire to create damage to the area. If this is occurring, you’re going to notice it for the simple fact that the temperature on your stove is going to suddenly become very unreliable. This can reach the point where you can’t adjust the heat on your stove with any sort of reliability.

Do You Need To Replace Your Surface Element Switch?

Heating element switches keep control of how much heat is being sent out to the coils. The switch will cut off the voltage, once the stove has reached the temperature you have in mind. This cycle is going to be maintained while you cook. If anything has happened to your switch, there is a very good chance that your stove isn’t going to be able to properly regulate how much heat is being sent out. This can make adjusting almost impossible.

Has The Receptacle Become Burned Out?

The receptacle is basically the middle ground between the voltage and the heating element. If the receptacle has suffered any serious damage, or if it has become burned out, the voltage will be interrupted in its journey to the heating elements. Look for visible damage.


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