Refrigerator Slow Water Flow or Dribble from Dispenser (GE)

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In this GE refrigerator the water flow was very slow caused by damaged RPWFE water filter, we replaced it with an original RPWFE filter and as you can see it solved the issue.

These filters can be ordered online from GE website or on Amazon.

There are several reasons why the water flow from the refrigerator’s dispenser may be slow. Some possible causes include:

1) Clogged water filter: If the water filter is clogged, it can restrict the flow of water through the dispenser.

2) Low water pressure: If the water pressure to the refrigerator is low, it can result in a slow flow of water.

3) Leaks in the water line: If there are leaks in the water line, it can also cause a slow flow of water. (in this rare case you will see water under your fridge)

4) Clogged or dirty dispenser: The dispenser itself may be clogged or dirty, which can also restrict the flow of water.

5) Damaged water valve: If the water valve that controls the flow of water to the dispenser is damaged, it can also cause a slow flow of water.

Unsure of how to fix it? Give us a call and our appliance repair technicians can help!

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