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Oven doesnt-turn on If Your Oven Doesn’t Turn On

When your oven stops working as it should, it’s easy to feel as though your entire kitchen has been thrown into upheaval. If your oven doesn’t turn on, your first thought might be replacement.

In the event that your oven is not turning on at all, or is not heating up as it should, the last thing you should do is panic. While there are a number of different possibilities to contend with, more often than not it simply comes down to restoring one or more components. Replacing the entire oven is rarely a necessity.

At MAAR24 Appliance Repair, we can be there to assess and repair any issues with an oven repair that won’t turn on.

The Baking Element

If your baking element is warming up as it should, the element itself should be brightly red. If your heating element isn’t turning this color, there is an excellent chance that it has suffered damage in some form. Look for holes and blisters along the element. If you find them, you made need to have it replaced.

The Broiling Element

Found at the top of the oven, the broiling element is invaluable for anyone who uses their oven on a regular basis. If you find that the broiling element is not heating up, similar to the baking element inside your oven, you can check yourself for any signs of damage. You are looking for blistered or otherwise separated areas.

We can check for continuity, which is a measure we also take when checking the baking element for any issues. If there are problems in this particular arena, we can take steps to make repairs quickly and safely. This is the primary benefit of hiring professionals when your oven doesn’t turn on.


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