My Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry Clothes

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My Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry ClothesYour dryer has a timer for a reason. There is a difference between underestimating a garment’s drying time, and when the dryer takes too long to dry clothes. This means noticing a significant leap in the average drying time for a load of laundry. If the gap continues to widen, you are going to need to address the problem as soon as possible. You could be dealing with a part that is becoming worn down. Certain parts, as they continue to fail, and eventually die, can create even more problems for your dryer.

MAAR24 Appliance Repair can get your dryer back on track. We can take a look at the most common causes for this issue, in order to figure out exactly what’s wrong in your case.

Problems With The Air Flow

This is one of the first areas we’re going to check. In many situations, it is a matter of the air flow being restricted to the point of not being able to run through the dryer properly. When this happens, a number of different issues can emerge. One of them can be your dryer becoming much less efficient, which leads to much longer drying times.

The Blower Wheel

Without the blower wheel, your dryer isn’t going to be able to bring in the air necessary for the dryer’s drum to be efficient. The sleeve of the blower wheel can eventually give way, which can lead to the blower wheel itself becoming problematic. With a damaged or broken blower wheel in general, drying times will probably increase.

Gas Valve Solenoid Coils

These coils work at opening a gas valve to ensure the gas makes it to the burner assembly. It is possible for one of these coils to suddenly fail in the midst of a cycle. This means the dryer isn’t going to get your clothes dry by your desired time. We can check the coils for any damage to indicate the need for replacement. If this is the case, they will probably need to be replaced as a pair.

When the dryer repair takes too long to dry clothes, we can help. Contact us for an appointment.

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