How To Clean Your Dishwasher

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How To Clean Your DishwasherAppliances that require water in order to function will undoubtedly experience some form of calcification. A small amount might not seem like a big deal but, over time, as it builds up, it can seriously damage appliances like your dishwasher. While you might not be able to do much about hard water, you can do something to keep calcification at bay. Remember, by cleaning your dishwasher on a regular basis, you will ensure that it runs smoothly and washes wonderfully for that much longer! The good news is that this is easy to do and you will only need to follow these easy steps:

Clear Out the Dishes

When cleaning your dishwasher, you will want to make certain that there are no dishes inside. Remove everything down to the last fork before you begin cleaning.

Measure the Vinegar You Need

Regular dishwashers require about two cups of vinegar to successfully clean away that calcification. If you have a larger dishwasher, you should consider adding extra to ensure that this cleaning method is effective. Pour the vinegar into a dishwasher-safe cup.

Run a Cycle

Put the cup on the bottom rack inside your dishwasher to ensure that the vinegar is evenly spread over the entire interior of the dishwasher. Once the cycle begins, the spray arm will ensure that the vinegar is sprayed everywhere. Shut the door properly on the dishwasher and select your regular or normal cycle. Do not use the high heat feature when using vinegar. If your dishwasher releases steam through vents, you should open a window while cleaning with vinegar. Although not toxic, the smell of the vinegar can become quite overpowering dishwasher repair.

Allow Your Dishwasher to Air Out

When the dishwasher cycle has come to an end, you should allow your dishwasher to stand open overnight. This allows for moisture and any remaining vinegar vapors to evaporate.

It’s always important to consult the user manual for your dishwasher before you begin cleaning. They may have some recommendations regarding the best decalcification products to use with that particular model. These products can be added to every load that you wash and they ensure that your dishes come out cleaner than before plus they reduce calcification. Citric acid cleaners are often recommended and, if this is the case, you can use them much the same as you would vinegar. Remember to check and clean the water filtration system o a regular basis since particles tend to accumulate here. Failing to clean this filter will mean that small particles will enter your dishwasher and calcification will occur far more rapidly. Ideally, your dishwasher should be decalcified with vinegar once a month (at the most). Remember not to mix vinegar with other detergents when cleaning your dishwasher.

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