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One of the most crucial kitchen appliances is a refrigerator. Luckily, we don’t need to go to the market and get everything fresh compared to when cold storage is non-existent. Now we enjoy the advantages of having a fridge in our homes: no store queues, having more food on hand when we want to cook something for the whole family or have a snack. Sure, when the refrigerator isn’t working properly, food spoils and drinks are not cool enough.

The main goal of a refrigerator’s operation is to keep food cool. If it is not, you’ve got a serious problem. Rather than poke around aimlessly, contact us today and have our fridge repair technicians check it for you. The most common issue your fridge can experience is faulting the fridge compressor. This will be the best to leave for an expert.

We provide services for all brands and models of refrigerators; moreover, MAAR24 is an authorized service center for LG, Fisher & Paykel, Panasonic, Fhiaba and many others. If you are not sure that the fridge compressor is worth the replacement, give us a call to check the price for your specific refrigerator.

Compressor Issues and Importance of Refrigerator Compressor Replacement

Considering our experience and the number of replacements we did, one of the most common problems with the fridge is a malfunctioning or faulty compressor. Keep in mind that without a working compressor, any refrigerator will not stay cold. The refrigerator compressor is a kind of pump that uses pistons to compress the refrigerant. It means that the gas that chills the inside of the refrigerator. When this pump stops working, the refrigerant does too. Depending on the reason for the problem, repairing a compressor can be relatively inexpensive or not cost-effective.

Every year householders in Canada pay large amounts for fridge repairs. In most cases, people assume that a repair will cost the same amount as a new appliance and opt to replace it to keep things simple. We understand this could be a big expense so if you need help, we’re here for you. By contacting the professional you will be certain whether it is worth it or not. From our experience, if the price for the compressor replacement will be even 50% of the price for the fridge, do not hesitate to repair your appliance.

Having replaced more than several hundred refrigerator compressors, we may admit some important issues with them:

  • Start relay problem. This start relay tells the compressor when to start, it is an electronic device.
  • Compressor insufficient. Some refrigerators may have compressors insufficient to provide the cooling power they need due to poor design, age or other problems. Compressors with insufficient power tend to run continuously but provide little to no cooling.
  • Faulty compressor. It means that it may fail completely. In this case, the refrigerator itself does not run. Repairing the compressor is difficult and is not usually cost-effective. Refrigerator compressor replacement is the best way out.

These issues influence the complexity of the repair and price, but do not forget about the brand and model. The prices start from $599 Canadian dollars, which include materials, utilization of an old compressor, and labour, but exclude the price of the compressor. Our highly qualified technicians service all brands and can provide LG compressor replacement, Fisher & Paykel compressor replacement and others. Besides, you receive a warranty for compressor replacement from the manufacturer as well.

On Photo: Repair old refrigerator job, MAAR24 technician welding copper pipe by gas before vacuum system.

Methods of Replacement

With more than 18 years of experience in refrigerator repair and replacing hundreds of fridge compressors, our experts may define two main replacement methods. Within the framework of this article, we decided to share it with our customers. We hope this information will be useful and help you decide whether it is worth replacing and be sure that professional assistance is very important.

Lokring method of Replacing R600a or R134a Compressor. These compressors can be replaced without brazing. The lokring single-ring technology is a method for connecting metallic refrigerant lines without brazing so that they are permanent and hermetically sealed. These lokring tube connections were customized for any application based on the tube materials, dimensions and tolerances and the associated assembly tools.

The primary application area is manufacturing the refrigerant circuit in the series production of refrigerators and freezers. The main advantages of using the LOKRING tube joining technique: are better, time-saving, cost-effective, and the possibility to use different material combinations.

The brazing method requires practical technical skills and can be a challenge even for experts. If you would like to replace your LG, Panasonic, Kenmore refrigerator compressor or others, be sure that you are prepared and knowledgeable. For this method, you may need the following equipment for the replacement: a new compressor (be sure that you have the same model or at least a manufacturer-approved replacement), refrigerant (R600a or R134a), 2-valve manifold refrigeration pressure gauge, vacuum pump, refrigerant scale, brazing equipment, solder rods, flux.

You should understand how the sealed system actually works in order to replace a compressor and recharge a system. You need to follow a procedure, pay attention to details, know how to use special equipment like scales and gauges, and acquire some degree of proficiency with brazing copper. Thus, contact the trained technicians at our company to replace a fridge compressor.


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