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Fixing A Fridge That Is Not Dispensing Water

Is your fridge dispensing water? If not, don’t give up. This article will give you information that will help you easily troubleshoot your fridge. It’s understandable that when your fridge is not dispensing water, you may become upset and you may want to give up especially if you don’t know what to do. However, before you give up if at all you want to, try the following and see if the problem will be solved.

Various parts of a fridge may cause it to stop dispensing water. So before you contact a fridge repairs’ service provider, you need to first know what part you need to repair. The problem may have been caused by just one part or more. Thus, it’s advisable to do a thorough check up.

The Water And Ice Filter

If it’s equipped well, the water and ice filter removes contaminants and any debris from the water which might have remained even after doing a local water treatment. Majority of these filters are made of carbon and contain fabric filter. After some time, the filter may be restricted and hence stop or reduce the amount of water flowing into the dispenser. Although many manufacturers suggest that a replacement should be done at least once every six months, the conditions of local water may necessitate frequent replacements. The filter is normally situated in the fresh food compartment of the fridge.

The Water Inlet Valve

This valve is operated by a solenoid, and when activated, it supplies water to the dispenser. It’s located at the rear end of the access panel at the bottom rear side of the fridge. When you select water at the dispenser control panel, a line voltage is provided to the water inlet valve solenoid to allow water to flow. Make sure in the valve there is enough pressure and that in the outlet or inlet tubing there are no restrictions and the inlet screen is not plugged in. Use a multi-meter to investigate the power in the solenoid terminals. This should be conducted by a qualified person because it’s done on live voltage fridge repair.

Actuator Of The Water Dispenser

This is a mechanical part whose function is to activate the micro switch of the dispenser. It’s usually a lever made of plastic which pivots when depressed by your glass of water. It can also be covered using the soft plastic pad. To be sure the actuator performs its work properly; remove the cover of the control panel. Check the actuator pivot, its housing bracket, and its switch mounting bracket. If any of these parts is not working properly, you will need to undertake fridge repairs by replacing the faulty parts.

The Micro Switch

The work of this part is to supply power to the water inlet valve solenoid. To access the switch, you will need to disconnect the fridge from power and remove the cover of the control panel.

The Dispenser Control Board

Several refrigerator models have an electronic control which supplies power to the valve. If you have found that the water inlet valve is not receiving power and the actuator and the switch are functioning properly, then you may need to contact a fridge repair technician of the defective electronic control.


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