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What to do if a fridge not defrosting?

With today’s modern refrigerators, we often take for granted that they will defrost themselves. While that is how it works in theory, some users can open their refrigerator door and be shocked to find ice and frost indicative of a refrigerator not defrosting.

If you have found a winter wonderland in your refrigerator that results from an issue with your defroster, there are some simple causes of this problem and some equally simple solutions.

Like many problems with refrigerators, these issues are just the types of problems that MAAR24 can easily solve. With our expertly trained staff and years of experience, no problem is too big or too small for us to diagnose and repair easily.

The refrigerator does not defrost

While the result of a properly defrosted fridge seems simple enough, the parts and processes of defrosting your fridge can be rather complex. Here are three reasons why your refrigerator won’t defrost.

Defrost control board issue

This electronic board in your fridge directs the fridge how often to run the automatic defrost cycle. When this board has issues or fails altogether, the fridge will not go into a defrost cycle.

If your refrigerator and freezer never go through a defrost cycle, the result will be that you will find your refrigerator and freezer not defrosting.

Defrost sensor and fuse issues

Your defrost sensor system monitors the temperature of your evaporator. This part has a fuse that acts as a backup in case the sensor fails.

If the sensor fails to shut off the defrost heater, the fuse will blow, and the heater will be forced to shut off. In this case, your defrost heater will no longer be operational, and the result will be that your refrigerator doesn’t defrost fridge repair.

Defrost timer issue

The defrost timer turns on the defrost heater several times each day to remove any frost that may have accumulated on the evaporator. If the timer is defective, it may not move into the defrost cycle or send power to the defrost heater during the defrost cycle.

To check the operation of the timer, you can simply manually advance the timer into the defrost cycle. At that point, the compressor should turn off, and the heater should turn on.

If you find that the timer does not send power to the heater or move out of the defrost cycle within 30 minutes, this is an indication that there is an issue with the timer, which can be why your refrigerator defrost is not working.

Fridge not defrosting. What to do?

While it is not common for a refrigerator to stop defrosting when it happens, the causes are usually pretty straightforward. The troubleshooting solutions to these issues are just as straightforward.

Now that you know the causes of defrost system not working in your refrigerator let us show you the steps to solve the problems and get your refrigerator defrosting again in no time.

Defrost control board repair

When dealing with a possible issue with your defrost control board, it is best to eliminate the simple issues first before jumping to the control board. The first steps are to check the function of both the defrost heater and the defrost thermostat.

If both of these items are working properly, the most likely culprit is a faulty defrost control board. When this happens, the best bet is to replace the board.

Finding and installing a replacement for your unit is usually a fairly straightforward process. If you feel that this may go beyond your abilities, let the professionals at MAAR24 take care of this delicate work for you.

Defrost sensor and fuse repair

The fuse of the defrost sensor cannot be reset. If the fuse blows, you must replace the defrost sensor. To determine which part is faulty, you must use a multimeter to test both parts. If either of the parts lacks continuity, it is time to replace the defrost sensor.

Defrost timer repair

One of the most common reasons your fridge may not be defrosting is a faulty timer. Issues with these parts are easy to diagnose, but the timer itself cannot easily be repaired. The best solution is to replace the timer. Timers for modern refrigerators are quite easy to find online, yet their replacement can be a bit tedious and time consuming for do-it-yourselfers.


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