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How To Fix A Sweaty Fridge Door

Certainly, one of the most valuable and complicated household appliances in this twenty-first century is the refrigerator. It is almost next to impossible to live without it. However, the appliance is associated with different difficulties. In case the doors of your fridge are sweating, you shouldn’t worry. There are many approaches to fridge repairs depending on the exact issue affecting the appliance.

Our website provides a simple but detailed list of the parts that most frequently cause the doors of a fridge to produce wetness. You can use your fridge’s model number to perform a quick search on our website to pinpoint the exact issue with your fridge. Doing so will yield a double benefit because it will reveal more about the particular problem and ways of rectifying the shortcoming.

Freezer Door Gasket

There is an easy way of finding out whether the door gasket is fit or not. A damaged gasket does not seal properly, and that’s why your fridge will always malfunction unless the issue is corrected. Take a piece of paper, position it on different points along with the fridge’s access. Then, shut the door normally and pull out the paper. In case the paper comes out without any struggle, without doubt, that gasket is defective.

Consequently, this improper gasket will not appropriately seal the fridge opening, therefore allowing surplus moisture to enter. The wetness will even be visible on shelves inside the freezer, and for your information, these causes defrost issues. The best way to deal with such a situation is to replace the gasket with a new one.

Flapper Or Dispenser Door And The Door Kit

Once activated, the ice dispenser fridge door opens, allowing ice to be dispensed from the fridge’s ice maker. The flapper or the door is usually loaded with springs and features a rubber or vinyl seal attached to ensure that it doesn’t let the room air into the fridge.

Keep in mind that the presence of moisture on the front side of the dispenser or the ice bin section means that your fridge’s door isn’t closing properly. The flapper door is usually hinged and uses a solenoid that has a return spring. It also has a damper that slows the shutting action to ensure that the door doesn’t close on ice cubes.

During fridge repairs, you can remove the dispenser cover and inspect the operation of these parts. Be sure to inspect the door hinges, their seal, and the door’s pivot mechanism. Besides, it would help if you also inspected the return spring, the linkage and the solenoid plunger. A perfect door should close without binding. In case any of these parts malfunction, consider replacing them.

Door Closure Cam

If one of the cams installed in your fridge is broken, you will need refrigerator repair services. Otherwise, the door won’t close tightly, and that means the door will let air in. Therefore, once you notice that your fridge door isn’t closing properly, consider checking if any cams are broken or cracked.

Door Bearing And Hinges

Both the freezer and fresh food doors rotate on hinges. If these hinges are dry of lubricant or become worn out, they may cause the door not to shut down as it should. This will definitely allow in warm air. Thus, it’s important to replace the hinges.