Fridge Mistakes That We All Make

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Fridge Mistakes That We All MakeYour fridge is not a particularly complex appliance when it comes to operating it. Once it’s plugged in and the temperature is set, all you need to do is add items that need to be chilled and remove them when you like. Of course, despite the fact that we are all familiar with the job of a refrigerator, we still make a number of simple fridge mistakes that affect this appliance in the short and long term.

Common Fridge Mistakes

Ignoring Ventilation Needs

Your fridge is cold inside but, on the outside will notice that there’s a fair amount of heat released. Your fridge releases heat so that it does not end up affecting the temperature inside and this is why you will notice vents on top of the unit. These vents should not be covered and you should also leave space around the sides and behind your fridge to allow for air to flow and heat to escape.

Packing Too Much Inside

Fridge overloading, one of the most common fridge mistakes, often occurs immediately after grocery shopping or when you are planning on hosting guests. The more you pack inside your fridge, the more difficult it will be for air to circulate and cool your food. This means that your fridge will work that much harder and this will result in added pressure on the motor and other working parts.

Forgetting The Door Open

This can happen to anyone but all it takes is a moment to make sure that the door is properly shut. If the door is not completely closed, cold air will escape and this will cause the fridge to cycle for longer and more frequently. In other words, the motor and several other parts will end up working harder than usual and this will cause unnecessary wear and tear. Apart from closing the door properly, it’s also important to inspect the seals on a regular basis.

Refrigerating Hot Food

You might want to refrigerate food almost immediately to prevent it from going bad. If you place hot or warm food in your fridge, it can affect the appliance as well as the rest of your food. The hot dish will warm up your fridge and cause the motor to work extra hard to cool everything down again. The rise in temperature can make some of your food unsafe. Instead, you should wait for your food to cool to room temperature before refrigerating.

Setting The Temperature Too Low

You might want to set your fridge as cold as possible. However, there is such a thing as too cold. If your fridge repair , it will cause it to run and cycle far too frequently. This can cause added wear and tear while pushing your electric bill up too.

Failing To Clean Regularly

Your fridge needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. This will prevent dirt from building up. You also need to check the drainage system and clean out the drip tray regularly. This is a great way of preventing blockages and stopping bad smells in their tracks.

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