Easy Dishwasher Maintenance And Cleaning To Do List

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Easy Dishwasher Maintenance And Cleaning To Do ListCleaning and maintaining your home appliances is the best way to ensure that they keep running smoothly. Not only will cleaning your appliances keep them in top shape, but it will also give you the opportunity to check for wear and tear or damage. Here are some steps you can take to inspect and clean your dishwasher repair on a regular basis.

Turn off the Power and Water

Start by turning off the water and power unless you want to risk a flood or injury! If you don’t have access to the plug to which your dishwasher is connected, you can simply flip the appropriate fuse switch. The water supply valve should be closed. If you don’t have a separate valve for the water line connected to your dishwasher , you should turn off the main water supply to your kitchen.

Check All Hoses

Hoses are one of the first things to go on any dishwasher. They are made from materials that will experience significant wear and tear which means that tears and holes are common.  Check the drain hose and supply hose for damage. If they look particularly old and they seem like they are becoming brittle, it’s best to replace them promptly before they spring a leak. While you’re at it, check all the connections too. Pipes and hoses don’t only leak if they have a hole. A poorly connected hose will also leak. You should also test all pipes for blockages and clogs – particularly your drainage hose. A blocked hose will hinder the drainage process and there are a number of problems that can occur as a result.

Clean the Dishwasher Arms

Food and gunk tend to build up on the dishwasher arms. These arms have little water holes and, if they get clogged, they won’t work nearly as well. Remove the lower dish rack and use a small object like a paper clip or pipe cleaner to remove any debris from these holes. It’s best not to use a toothpick since the end can break off inside the hole and get stuck.

Check the Float Assembly

The float assembly of a dishwasher can be found on the bottom of the appliance. As your dishwasher fills with water, the float valve inside the tub rises. This tells the machine when it should stop adding water. To test the float assembly, lift it up and let it drop several times. If it sticks, you should gently slide up and down while using hot water to clean. Once it falls smoothly, you are all set.

Inspect the Door Seal

Like hoses, the door seal of your dishwasher is another common reason for leaks. In addition, just like the gasket on your fridge, food particles can accumulate here. Use a degreaser to loosen the dirt before wiping it down with a hot, wet rag. Pay special attention to the space between the bottom of the tub and the door. This is where food loves to hide! While cleaning , inspect the seal for wear or damage.

Clean out the Filter

Your filter is designed to prevent particles from entering places that they shouldn’t. Therefore, it’s easy to see why it will require regular cleaning. If you notice that the filter is damaged in any way, it should be replaced immediately since it is no longer effective.

Check the Racks

The plastic coating on the dishwasher racks can wear off over time. When this happens, the metal starts to rust. This rust can end up in the pump causing serious damage. So, as soon as you notice that the plastic coating is no longer in top shape, consider replacing the racks. If they have already started to rust, avoid using your dishwasher until you have new racks.

Clean with an Empty Load

Give your dishwasher a good clean without any dishes. Add white vinegar instead of dishwashing soap and baking soda in the soap container. This will clean and disinfect your dishwasher faster than you can do so by hand! Plus, the dishwasher runs at high temperatures which is an added bonus. Once done, open your dishwasher and allow it to air. You may smell the vinegar but it won’t last long. You need not do this too often unless you have particularly hard water. If you notice that your dishwasher smells bad, this is also a great way of getting rid of those smells. Just make sure that you follow the rest of the cleaning and maintenance tips above as well. If food is left to build up in various areas of your dishwasher, it won’t be long before you notice that smell!

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