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What Are the Causes for Why Your Dryer Won’t Shut Off Automatically

Usually opening the door of your dryer will stop it from spinning and prevent it from overheating. If it continues to run with the door open it’s an indication of more serious problems and you should unplug your appliance immediately. Here are the most common problems that may be stopping your dryer from turning off when the door is closed and in some cases even when it’s open.

Diagnosing a Broken Door Switch

If your dryer won’t shut off automatically even with the door open the first thing you’ll want to check is the door switch. When you close the dryer it pushes against the door switch and that sends a signal through your dryer’s electric components that it’s safe to begin the cycle that will dry your clothes.

The easiest way to check if the door switch is the issue is to try pressing it with your hand. If the latch mechanism appears to be sticking then it’s most likely the reason that your dryer won’t shut off even when the door is open. There may be some dirt or debris causing the problem and cleaning it off may be all you need to do. If the door switch is broken it will have to be replaced before the dryer can be used again. You’ll have to unplug the machine to turn it off.

When a Dryer’s Timer Stops Working

Unless your dryer is an older model, fixing a timer can be a complicated process. Most modern dryers have computer processors and circuit boards that control everything and you have to be a trained technician to replace these types of components safely and effectively. Older dryers may use a mechanical timer that you can replace yourself, but it may be more difficult finding the parts for a dryer that’s no longer in production.

Cycling Thermostat or Cool Down Thermostat

Some dryers, both gas and electric models, have a couple of different thermostats to help regulate when it’s time to move through the dryer cycles and to know when to enter the cool-down phase. If either one of these components isn’t working correctly it can prevent the dryer from shutting down unless the door is opened.

Testing a cycling thermostat isn’t easy. The dryer has to be on at the time and with electrical components exposed there are safety risks. Only people with technical knowhow and experience fixing cycling thermostats should attempt this. It’s almost always better to contact a service technician to perform this type of repair.

The cooldown thermostat may be a bit easier to diagnose. If this thermostat isn’t working properly the dryer may continuously tumble until you open the door. If you want to check your cooldown thermostat you’ll want to unplug the dryer first dryer repair.

How to Fix a Dryer that Keeps Running Unless the Door is Open

Replacing A Door Switch

If there’s a repair that most homeowners are more comfortable with than others it’s probably replacing a door switch. It’s a simple mechanism — the only complicated part is the wiring involved. If you have a little bit of electrical knowledge this shouldn’t be a major obstacle. Just remember to unplug the machine before you get started.

Replacing the Dryer’s Timer

As you probably remember reading earlier, the dryer’s timer isn’t an easy component to replace if you don’t have the required technical knowledge. Testing it can be dangerous. If you’ve tested everything else and you’ve concluded that the timer is the problem we recommend hiring a certified expert to help with the repair.

If you have an older dryer with a mechanical timer it may be easier to replace it yourself. Before attempting this, we suggest checking your local hardware store or online parts source to see if they carry replacement parts for your model of dryer. If you’re having trouble finding replacement parts for your older dryer contact MAAR24 for help.

Replacing a Cycling Thermostat or a Cool Down Thermostat

Replacing a cycling thermostat isn’t your typical DIY project. As we touched upon earlier you should only attempt to replace this component if you have a lot of technical knowledge. You’ll have to remove the back panel to access it and you should disconnect your power source before starting.

While it is easier to diagnose a cool down thermostat it’s still not a quick fix for someone lacking experience. Again, you’ll have to open up the machine, but only after you’ve unplugged the appliance first. It’s usually easier and safer to contact a qualified technician for help.

When it’s Time to Contact Service for a Dryer That Won’t Shut Off

If you’ve considered trying to fix your dryer yourself and decided against it there are still great options available to you. We suggest you call us today for a fast and reliable service. Our factory-trained technicians are familiar with all major appliance brands and how to diagnose them.

We have been one of Canada’s most trusted names in appliance repair for more than 15 years. We stand by our record and we’re ready to get started when you are.

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