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What Are The Causes of a Dryer Not Spinning?

When you are diagnosing the causes of a dryer not spinning, you need some professional experience and technical knowledge to fix the problem. Luckily, we have listed below the most common causes for when a dryer doesn’t spin. 

Worn-Out Drum Rollers

Worn drum rollers mean that there is not enough friction to get the drum of the dryer moving. Also, if you have worn drum rollers, it could mean that they are stuck, and the drum of the dryer doesn’t spin because of this blockage. 

Broken Drive Belt

The rubber drive belt loops around the dryer tub. It is connected to the motor and works with the momentum of the engine to turn the drum using friction. If the dryer doesn’t spin, it could be that the rubber drive belt looped around the dryer drum is either stretched out too much and not causing enough friction to turn. The dryer not spinning could mean that you have a broken drive belt. 

Worn-Out Roller Axles

The drum roller axles are the axles of the wheels that allow the dryer drum to spin. If these axles are worn or not spinning, it can cause the dryer to stop spinning and get stuck. 

Worn-Out Drum Glides

The drum glides are the critical plastic coverings along the edge of the dryer drum that move along the drum rollers as the dryer spins. If the drum glides get worn, this is a problem that will cause the dryer to begin to stick to the rollers and eventually stop spinning dryer repair

Worn-Out Drum Bearings

The bearings of the drum hold up and support the back portion of the dryer drum. If these bearings are worn-out, broken, or missing, they need to be fixed before the drum becomes completely unsupported and places too heavy strain on the motor. 

What Are The Easiest Actions To Take To Fix A Dryer Not Spinning?

The easiest ways to fix a dryer that won’t turn are actions that our team of professionals have put together for you. These are actions that we have come to master over years of experience and want to help you to get your dryer up and working again. 

Checking The Power To Your Dryer Not Spinning

A standard action to take for a dryer not spinning is to check the power source. First, start by checking for the plug into the power outlet. Next, try checking the fuse box on the wall to look for a thrown fuse. Finally, use a multimeter to check the continuity of the power outlet, the fuses in the dryer, and the various components of the drying and spinning mechanisms. 

Replacing The Drive Belt

Since the drive belt works with the motor to spin the drum of the dryer, this is one of the most common actions you can do to fix your dryer, not turning. Open the top of the dryer by unclipping the metal clips holding the lid down and tilting the cover back. The belt should loop around the drum. Undo the belt from the drum and hooks. Use the replacement belt to loop back around the drum and through the hooks and pulley of the motor. 

Checking The Drum Rollers

The drum rollers are located at the back of the dryer and help it to turn. The drum rollers should rotate freely on their own. Undo the belt around the dryer drum and try to turn the dryer. If the dryer doesn’t spin, check to see if the drum rollers turn. If you have worn drum rollers or broken drum roller you will need to replace them. 

Replace The Drum Glides

The drum glides are around the edge of the dryer drum. If they are worn out, you will hear a grinding sound like plastic on metal. If the glides are left to wear out for long enough, they may even cause the dryer to stop spinning. Removing the glide can be done by popping them off the holes that the plastic is in and then replacing the glide strip with new padding. 

Why MAAR24 is the Best Appliance Repair Service

Fixing the dryer, not spinning, can take a lot of time to diagnose. Even with the idea of what is wrong, you will have to remove the lid and move the appliance to an open location to work on it. This could cause harm to the machine and even injury to yourself. Leaving the job to the professionals at MAAR24 takes the guesswork out of appliance repair and makes things much easier on you. 

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