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What are the causes of a clothes dryer not working and how to fix the problem? A clothes dryer not working can be caused by several problems. If the dryer won’t start or suddenly stopped working, it may be an electrical issue. On the other hand, if the dryer stops running mid cycle, this could be a mechanical issue. In any case, when a drying stops running the first thing that we recommend is diagnosing the causes. Below we have listed the main causes of a dryer that stopped working.

Clothes Dryer Stopped Working: Possible Causes


No Power Supply

A dryer needs to be plugged in to run. Check the outlet first and make sure that the dryer is securely plugged in. Also, if an electric dryer stopped working, it could be because of outlet damage or a tripped fuse. Burn marks around the outlet could also be an indication that the dryer stopped working because it lacks power. 

Faulty Dryer Heating Element

If the dryer starts but won’t heat-up this is a problem that probably has to do with a faulty or broken heating element. The heating element is what makes the dryer get warm and is connected to a fuse that could be blown. The wiring to the heating element might also be loose or bad. 

Door Switch Problems

The door to a dryer needs to be closed in order for it to start. A switch is used on the door that lets the dryer know that the door has been closed. If that switch is faulty or broken, the dryer will not start. 

Blown Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse is a component of the dryer that regulates the heat of the dryer. If it is broken, it will not be able to tell the dryer that it is getting too hot. A blown thermal fuse will not allow the dryer to start until it is replaced. 

Clothes Dryer Not Working: Actions You Can Take

When you can’t dry your clothes it can be a real hassle. But, so can trying to fix the cause of the problem, as well. We have listed the easiest solutions on how to address the causes of a dryer not working.

Check the Power Supply

Before working on the power supply of a dryer, make sure to go and turn off all power from the fuse box in your home. The professionals at MAAR24 recommend rubber gloves and tools to be used. 

Using a multimeter, you can check the voltage of the outlet for a dryer. Two of the outlet hole combinations should read 120 volts and one should 240 volts. If any of these combinations are off, you may need to replace the outlet. 

You may also need to replace the power cord on the back of the dryer. This can be easily done by buying a replacement, unscrewing the back panel of the dryer, disconnecting the old cord, and installing the new one. 

Test the Heating Element

If the heating element on the dryer is broken, the dryer will run but not heat up. The heating element can be accessed by unscrewing the back panel of the dryer. Using a multimeter, you can check the connections coming into the heating element which should be a number. If you receive an infinite reading, the heating element is broken and needs replacement. 

Test the Door Switch

The door switch has a wire running from it to the computer chipboard on the dryer. If the wire is tripped, the dryer will not start. Check to see if the wire is disconnected. Then, use the multimeter and check for continuity. The switch may need to be replaced. 

Replace The Thermal Fuse

There are several fuses in the dryer that regulate heat. The thermal fuse can be tested by gaining access through the back of the dryer panel. Check the connections to the fuses with a multimeter for continuity. If you get an infinite reading on any connections, the fuse is blown and needs replacement. 

Why Choosing MAAR24 Will Make Your Life Easier

If your dryer stops running it can cause immense stress and anxiety. We can offer solutions on how to diagnose issues and fix the problem of a dryer that has stopped working. 

The repairmen at MAAR24 have seen it all and know how to access the vital parts of your dryer. Removing the panels of the dryer and testing the components of a dryer takes technical tools and knowledge that the professionals at MAAR24 can take care of quickly the first time. Our technicians are trained and TSSA certified through a process that makes them prepared for any challenge or job with appliances. 

The reasons why you should choose MAAR24:

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