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A dishwasher that stops mid-cycle can come up at any time. Most dishwashers are bought with warranties. However, the warranty always seems to be up when the dishwasher stops during the wash cycle.

We at MAAR24 have a wealth of experience and expertise to share with you. The information in this article can help you identify why your dishwasher keeps stopping and solutions you can use to fix the dishwasher on your own. Read on to learn more about the reasons and fixes we suggest for this problem.

Reasons for a Dishwasher Stopping Mid Cycle

Your family needs their dishes cleaned and sanitized by the dishwasher, and if it is broken or stops running after 1 minute, it may be time to consider some of the most common reasons for this problem. Below are considered some of the main reasons why a dishwasher stops working mid-cycle:

#1 The Door Latch is Loose

The door latch on a dishwasher locks in place and ensures that water doesn’t escape during the wash cycle. If your dishwasher keeps beeping and stopping, the odds are that the door latch is loose.

The reason why the dishwasher is stopping mid-cycle is that the sensor on the door latch is shorted or obscured. It could also mean that the door latch is simply broken.

#2 The Thermal Fuse is Shorting Out

The thermal fuse on your dishwasher could be the culprit for a dishwasher that fills with water and stops. The dishwasher stops mid-cycle because the thermal fuse is shorting out. After all, it is either fouled, dirty, broken, or loosely connected.

If your dishwasher is older, the thermal fuse is used as a safety switch to stop the motor and circuit board when the dishwasher gets too hot. However, if the thermal fuse is shorting out, it may not be registering the correct temperature of the water and stopping the dishwasher when there is no danger from the heat.

#3 Electronic Control Board Shorting Out

Even though the electronic circuit board is designed to last the lifespan of your dishwasher, it can become damaged and start to short out. When this happens, the dishwasher will act erratically, run for a few minutes, and then stop.

The circuit boards of major dishwasher brands are different, so the way they affect your dishwasher’s function if damaged may depend on the brand. However, it doesn’t matter if it is a WhirlpoolMaytagMiele,  KitchenaidAmanaBlombergLG or GE. If your dishwasher cycle gets cut short, the circuit board may be the issue.

The Easiest Actions to Take for a Dishwasher That Stops During Cycle

After you realize that you have a dishwasher that is not behaving and have done some troubleshooting, it is time to learn how to fix the problem. Below are some of the easiest actions you can take to repair your dishwasher at home.

#1 Tighten or Replace the Door Latch

The door latch to your dishwasher is a simple mechanism. It has a hooked latch that tightens on a pin on the face of the inside of the dishwasher. If this pin is damaged or missing, or the latch mechanism is damaged, it needs to be replaced.

You will know that either position of the door latch is damaged because it will either be missing or moving around freely. To replace the door latch, use a screwdriver to loosen the latch and pin from the body of the dishwasher. Put the replacement part in the place of the old latch and pin it and tighten it down with the original screws.

If the latch or pin is not damaged, try tightening the screws that hold the door latch mechanism.

#2 Replace the Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse is an internal mechanism that measures the heat coming from the internal workings of the dishwasher. When the temperature is measured as too hot, the thermal fuse cuts power to the circuit board to avoid dangerous situations that could cause a fire.

If the thermal fuse is burnt out or loose, it may stop the dishwasher mid-cycle. You need to access the dishwasher’s thermal fuse to fix this problem.

The thermal fuse in a dishwasher sits in connection to the circuit board and is grounded. The fuse needs to be checked with a multimeter if the connections to the circuit board or the dishwasher’s heating element read as infinity on the multimeter, order and replace the thermal fuse to get your dishwasher working properly again.

#3 Check the Electronic Control Board Connection

There are many connections on the electronic control board of the dishwasher. Each has dual prongs leading into and away from the control board. You need to check these connections with a multimeter to see if any are burnt out. Unfortunately, if they are, you will need to repair that individual part, which is difficult or replace the whole circuit board, which is costly.

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