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Common Causes for the Dishwasher to Keep Running

If you have a dishwasher that keeps running the chances are that you are beginning to worry about the cost of energy and water that you are wasting, not to mention the repair costs. Luckily, our team has put together a list of the most common causes for a dishwasher running too long. These causes are listed below: 

Timer Motor Problems

The timer motor is the mechanism that lets the rest of the washer known when it is time to start and stop the washing cycle. If the timer motor is on the fritz, it may need to be cleaned or replaced. A faulty timer motor is the most common cause of a dishwasher that keeps running dishwasher repair

Heating Element Issues

The cycles of your dishwasher rely on the previous cycle to end before the next begins. If you have a faulty component in one part of the cycle, it may not signal the next cycle to begin. This keeps the dishwasher stuck in a single cycle unable to switch off and unable to move on to the rest of its washing cycles. 

One of the most common faulty mechanisms within the cycle of a dishwasher that runs too long is the heating element. If the cycle isn’t getting to the correct temperature, the next cycle will never be signaled to begin and your dishwasher will continue in the current cycle. 

Thermostat Is Acting Up

The next mechanism that can be the cause of a dishwasher that won’t stop running is a thermostat that is acting up. Even if the heating element is working, if the thermostat is not reading the temperature of the cycle correctly, the next cycle will never be signaled to start. The dishwasher will continue in one cycle forever. 

Actions to Take for a Dishwasher that is Running Too Long

If your dishwasher won’t stop running, you need to diagnose and fix the problem A-S-A-P. The fine-tuned dishwasher relies on the components of cycles working together, and when one of these components gets out of whack, it can be the cause of a dishwasher running too long.

Whenever working on your dishwasher, make sure to unplug it first before starting work to stay safe and avoid electrocution. Below are some of the most common ways to troubleshoot and fix the causes of a dishwasher that won’t stop running: 

Check the Timer Motor Wiring

If your timing motor is the culprit, you will need to open up the motor assembly and use a multimeter to check the wiring is getting power. If it is not, you will need to replace the timer motor. 

To get access to the timer motor, open the control panel. The control panel has an assembly box with screws that you will need to remove. The timer motor has two wires at the top of the motor. Test both of these with the multimeter and if you get an infinity reading on either one, replace the timer motor. 

Check the Heating Element Terminals

If you have an electric stovetop, you will understand what a heating element looks like. The large metal rod that is curved at the bottom of the dishwasher has two terminals that connect it to the power that heats it up. 

Disconnect the heating element from the terminals and then use the multimeter to test the terminals for continuity. If you get infinite readings on either, use a wrench to remove the terminal nuts and replace the terminals and heating element with a new one to the current dishwasher wiring. 

Replace the Thermostat

Since a thermostat is such a sensitive component, you will probably just need to replace it if it is the issue. To get access to the thermostat, open the control panel. The thermostat is mounted in the control panel with metal brackets. Remove them and test the wires going to the thermostat. If they are good, replace the thermostat with a new one. 

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