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Fixing Dishwasher That’s Not Cleaning Properly

Is your dishwasher not cleaning properly? It’s so frustrating but contacting a service company for a dishwasher repair service can help. However, the good news is that you can also repair the dishwasher yourself. You don’t have to be handy to do it. All you need is to check the following parts and fix them. The problem will be solved.

The Upper Discharge Housing Gasket

If the spray arms are producing a low pressure, the problem source could be the upper discharge housing gasket. This is situated on the discharge cover. The housing gasket may have become loose, or it may require replacement. If you need to replace the gasket, ensure there is no debris or crud which could bar the gasket from fitting well.

The Spray Arm

The upper, lower and the middle spray arms could be the source of the problem. The work of these arms is to spray dishes with a strong spray of detergent and water. Investigate to make sure the spray arms can move freely, and the dishes are not distracting them. The bearing ring of the spray arms could have become loose or worn out preventing proper dish washing as the spray arms become wobbly.

Also, check the spray arms for plugged holes or cracks. Glass, cellophane, toothpicks, food particles and other debris may be blocking the holes in the spray arms causing impaired force or spray direction. If you find some holes are plugged, then check also the filter system as it could have a problem. Separated seams or cracks in the spray arms can also reduce the spray force.

The Docking Station

This is located at the rear end of the dishwasher, and its work is to supply water to the spray arm that is in the middle. Make sure the station is connected well to the tube that supplies water. Inspect its flappers and make sure they can move freely and that they close well and won’t allow pressure loss when the supply tube of the middle spray is not inserted. Check if there are cracks in the plastic pieces and if need be, replace them.

The Chopper

Probably, what is causing you to consider contacting a dishwasher repair is the chopper. Why? Well, its work is to cut food particles into very tiny parts so that they can easily go through the drain area of the dishwasher pump. If the chopper is not cutting the pieces finely, they can prevent dirty water from draining and instead cause it to recirculate in the dishwater. So inspect the drain area of your dishwasher and remove any debris there may be. If not, check the chopper as it may be damaged dishwasher repair.

The Water Inlet Valve

Of the many dishwasher parts, the most common to fail is the water inlet valve. If it’s not supplying enough water in the tub, it can be the reason the dishwasher is not washing dishes properly. You need to replace the valves when you realize that they are not restricted, and power is supplied at the right time.

Other parts of a dishwasher that may necessitate repairs are the water delivery tube, the filters, wash spinner, detergent dispenser, heating element and the pump impellers. If you don’t find any problem in the parts we have discussed above, check these and fix them.