Don’t let the water in your dishwasher sit around stinking up your daily life. The professionals who are certified technicians at MAAR24 have supplied the expert information you need to identify and fix the drain on your dishwasher from home. Read on to find out the main causes of dishwasher not draining and solutions for this problem.

The Reasons Why Your Dishwasher Won’t Drain Water

A dishwasher that won’t drain water might get your dishes clean. However, the dirty water from the cycle is left to rot in your kitchen. This not only is a hassle because you can’t run another load of dishes, but it also is unsanitary.

Below are some of the main reasons why your dishwasher does not drain. Check the details of each as the first step in troubleshooting your problem.

  • There is Food in the Drain

Occasionally people might leave large particles of food on the dishes and bowls they place in the dishwasher. This is a big mistake that can result in the drain of your dishwasher getting clogged.

To identify if this is a problem, open the dishwasher and pull out the bottom tray. If you see food particles caught around the sides of the drain, this may be the problem. You might also want to run your finger along the edge of the drain to see if the drain is clogged and you can’t see it.

  • Your Sink Drain is Clogged

Incredibly, the problem with a dishwasher that won’t drain might have nothing to do with the actual dishwasher appliance. Instead, your sink might be to blame.

The dishwasher in your kitchen has a water release pipe that leads the drained water away towards the sink. This pipe is connected to the same pipe that drains the basin of the sink. If your sink is clogged in the pipe below the basin, the dishwasher will also be clogged and may not be draining all the way.

  • The Air Gap is Clogged

One of the most overlooked parts of the dishwasher system is the air gap. The air gap is a cylinder that is set up next to the sink faucet. If the air gap is clogged, the pumping suction of the drain will not function properly. As a result, the water will not drain properly after the cycle, though it may drain a little bit.

The Best Solutions for a Dishwasher Not Draining Completely

Once you look at the problems that could cause water not draining from the dishwasher, you are halfway there to fixing the problem. After finding the main problems, it is time to roll up your sleeves and start unclogging the dishwasher drain.

Below are the easiest and best solutions to fix and unclog a dishwasher not draining completely.

  • Remove Food From the Drain

Obviously, if there is food in your dishwasher drain, you need to get it out of there to start draining the standing water at the end of a cycle. To remove the extra pieces of food, use latex gloves or straw to push and pull along the edge of the drain screen.

The drain is usually in the shape of a circle or oval, so make sure you clear out the entire circumference of the drain. This should allow the water to start draining almost immediately. Dispose of any food remnants and watch out for broken glass.

  • Run Your Sink Disposal

You may not need dishwasher repair services for such an easy problem and solution.

Since your dishwasher drain is connected to the drain pipe below the sink basin, this is one of the easiest actions that you can take to unclog the dishwasher drain. If the pipe below the sink is clogged, the water will get backed up into the dishwasher from the clog.

To fix this problem, simply run your sink aerator or disposal. This should empty the dishwasher water immediately.

  • Rotate or Unclog the Air Gap

The air gap is the final and easiest solution to the problem of having a dishwasher that doesn’t drain well. Possibly some dishes ran into the air gap and tweaked it out of position. Or maybe food particles flowed from the drain up into the air gap hole and clogged it.

Try rotating the air gap back and forth to free debris. You can also use a toothpick to clean out the air gap hole. The next time you run the dishwasher, see if air comes up out of the air gap. If not, the clog is further down the pipe connecting it to the drain and pipe.

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