Best Brands of Dryers To BuyHalifax | Dartmouth | Bedford

When selecting a dryer for your home, it is important to consider your needs as well as the reputation of the dryer brand. Since there are so many products on the market, it has become increasingly difficult to choose. In general, most shoppers already have a preference when it comes to home appliance brands.

You love a particular brand because of the high-quality appliances you’ve owned in the past. You may also dislike a specific brand due to a bad experience. If you are looking for a new dryer, however, it’s not only important to consider the brand but also each individual model. Even a great brand can have an “off day” and produce some inferior quality appliances. So, here are some top choices based on varying criteria.

Over Top Choice

The overall winner when it comes to dryers is the Whirlpool top load gas dryer. This Dryer has an automatic moisture sensor and the hamper-style door makes for easy loading. It is known and loved for its efficiency.

Top Electric Dryer

The LG smart electric dryer is not only a good-looking appliance but also offers flexibility in terms of dry cycles. Not all of your laundry has the same drying requirements and this dryer caters to every need.

Energy Efficiency

If you don’t want to end up paying a high energy bill at the end of each month, you need an eco-friendly dryer. Electrolux is known for producing a front-load electric dryer that will help you keep costs low.

Compact Dryer

Many people live in smaller homes or simply don’t have space for a larger dryer. Fortunately, the Bosch 500 series ventless compact dryer will fit in just about any space! It was specifically designed for those who want the convenience of a reliable dryer without sacrificing too much space.

On a Budget

If you are looking for a dryer but you don’t want to spend a small fortune, the Amana top load electric dryer could be for you. It is average in size and it offers all the basic features that we all look for in a dryer. The best part is that it won’t break the bank.

Stackable Dryers

The Samsung stackable electric dryer is aesthetically pleasing, and this brand is known for manufacturing top quality appliances. It will take up less space since you can stack it on top of your front loader washer.

Large Capacity

If you tend to dry larger items like blankets on a regular basis, you should choose a dryer with the appropriate capacity. The Maytag electric vented dryer has an impressive 9.2 cubic foot drum! You are sure to fit all you need inside this dryer repair .

Smart Dryer

For those who fancy some extra high tech features, the GE smart electric dryer is for you! You can access a number of control functions from your phone and even monitor your laundry remotely!